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In ever-changing times, it’s important that we as healthcare professionals also change how we deliver healthcare, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.  COVID-19 has caused major disruption to the delivery of our clinical practice, but we are adopting novel approaches to ensure that we can continue to deliver the highest standards of patient care. I want to keep you informed of the latest changes we are making to support our CHB patients.

To ensure the safety of all our patients, we will convert as many of our clinics as possible to virtual consultations, via telephone or email. This helps support the government’s efforts to minimise the population’s social interaction and travel on public transport to slow the spread of Coronavirus. This is also a critical measure for vulnerable patients who have been advised to shield or limit their interaction with other people.

Whilst this is a positive step towards protecting patients, we understand that this might be a new experience for some. So we have put together some information about how virtual consultations take place and what you should expect:

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What do we mean by virtual consultations?

Instead of meeting your physician in a face-to-face clinical setting, your appointment will take place via the telephone or email. Your Doctor (or nurse) will have access to your clinical information and medical records. They will answer any management-specific questions you have and advise on whether the COVID crisis affects your existing personal care plan.

What can I expect from a virtual consultation?

  • During your telephone call or email consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your current condition and any new symptoms or concerns you may have in the usual way.
  • You will have an opportunity to discuss your diagnosis and your individual treatment/management plan.
  • We will review your care plan in the usual way and discuss any “next steps” or changes to your current management.

How will my ongoing care be affected?

There will be no change to your usual care as we are simply replacing your physical attendance in the clinic with a virtual consultation. Your laboratory (blood) tests, latest imaging or Fibroscan will be reviewed and discussed with you in the usual way. Decisions will be made on your management; if treatment (antiviral therapy) is indicated, should be continued, or whether the timing or frequency of monitoring should be changed. We will also agree with you on the timing of your next blood tests, imaging and virtual review.


What if my management changes?

Chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is a dynamic disease, which means it can change from one phase to another, which may require a change in your management. In some cases, treatment might be indicated and will need to be started with some additional monitoring. Similarly, a different type of scan (or imaging) might be required and you may need to attend the Hospital, but this would be kept to a minimum where possible. Your virtual consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss any of these changes to your treatment or personal care plan as you would normally do in a face to face consultation.  

If you have any question or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Remember to use the HBV&Me tool to better manage your Hepatitis B

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